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Debate: Should Social Media Be Monitored for Safety?

The police department in Chicago has stepped up its monitoring of social media accounts in an effort to reduce violence in the city. Surveillance of social media has been an important tool used by law enforcement to identify potentially violent individuals and to keep tabs on planned group gatherings that could turn deadly. But some say social media monitoring disproportionately harms minority communities. They point out that Black and brown people tend to be the primary targets of surveillance, and their posts are often taken out of context. Listen to hear a professor express concerns about increased monitoring and then debate: Should social media be monitored for safety?


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Story Length: 4:48

Listen to the Story:

Listening Comprehension Questions

  • What was one of Malala Yousafzai’s first experiences with the dangers of religious extremism?
  • After miraculously surviving her attack, what has Malala focused her work on?
  • What is the message that Malala is trying to send to those in power?
  • What does Malala want to do in the future?
  • What are the goals of Malala’s mission to support girls?

Discussion Themes

  • What is your opinion on Malala’s message about the power of education?
  • Why do you think that ISIS might want to silence people like Malala?

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